Emanuela Borzacchiello

Emanuela Borzacchiello is a researcher and feminist journalist. In her research, she focuses on developing the relationship between contemporary social control practices, the manipulation of communication and femicide. She works at the crossroads of academia and journalism,  in an effort to lend visibility to how women protect the land through their bodies by engaging in  community practices that generate new forms of doing politics. As an expert on femicide, she has been a member of the research team that produced the report titled “ Integral Study on Violence against Women, Femicidal violence and State supported Femicides in Guanajuanto, Mexico”. In the process of crafting this report, and in collaboration with women from many Guanajuanto-based collectives, she was able to shed light on how women experience the undeclared war that is waged against their bodies and the strategies they deploy to save themselves. In collaboration with Periodistas de a Pie (Journalists On the Ground), she took part in two collaborative research projects: Women confront  War (https://piedepagina.mx/bajo-la-piel-violencias-cruzadas.php) and We Were Alive Until They Killed Us (https://piedepagina.mx/pgj-cambia-datos-sobre-violencia-feminicida.php).

Currently, she is part of the Grupo de Acción por los Derechos Humanos y la Justicia Social A.C (Action Group for Human Rights and Social Justice) based in Mexico City, where she has continued denouncing the extreme violence that girls and women face in Mexico. As Outreach and Training Coordinator, she facilitates and organizes violence prevention workshops directed to high school and university students. Besides presenting her own daughter’s case to the Interamerican Human Rights Court, Norma has been an advocate in multiple human rights defense cases. Nowadays, she offers advice to the relatives of disappeared and murdered girls in the state of México, Michoacán, Chihuahua, Guanajuato and Tlaxcala.She has received numerous awards for her work, including Amnesty International’s recognition for her ceaseless battle against impunity.

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