Jo Jordan

Alerta, Alerta... Jo Jordan is an eco-anarchist and New Afrikan nihilist, born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC. Graduated from LaGuardia High School and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Also an alumnus of Books through Bars NYC, Picture the Homeless, the 123 Space, ABC No Rio, COPWATCH, Bloombergville, Occupy Wall Street, The Seattle Black Book Club and the IWW GDC Seattle Local 24, among other moments, movements and tendencies... Recovering edgelord, politicized by both Crimethinc, and the Northeast APOC that evicted them. (Former?) Member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, forever member of the Anarchist Black Cross. Has lived in Charlottesville, Denver, New Haven, Seattle and (now) Jackson, MS. Co-anchor of Cooperation Jackson's Freedom Farms Cooperative. Hosts Men's groups and self-defense trainings at CJ's Kuwasi Balagoon Center. Is given life by the Black and Brown hardcore / punk scene, extreme cinema, Wing Chun Kung Fu, sobriety, veganism, radical autonomy and indiscriminate departures from business as usual. Awaiting the collapse of Western, techno-industrial civilization. Prefers direct action, but "embraces a diversity of tactics." Gives thanks to all the Gods, the Earth, and my Afrikan and Celtic ancestors.