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Nestora Salgado García

Senate of the Republic of Mexico
Senator from Guerrero
Nestora Salgado García is a human rights defender and community leader from the state of Guerrero, Mexico, where she has worked to protect indigenous rights, and in particular the right of indigenous peoples' to self-determination.

Already a mother of two at eightheen, she immigrated without documents to the US and worked for many years as a domestic worker and hotel housekeeper. After more than a decade of living in the US, she went back to Mexico, where she joined the Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias: Policía Comunitaria – CRAC-PC (Regional Coordinating Body of Community Authorities: Community Police) in the municipality of Olinalá, in Guerrero. The community police force was organised and led by Nestora Salgado García in an effort to combat increases in violence, violent crimes, political corruption, and violations of the rights of indigenous peoples and mestizos in the municipality of Olinalá.

The Governor of Guerrero initially promised to support the community police force, before deciding to eliminate it in November of 2014. By then, a state-sponsored strategy of persecution, imprisonment and assesination of several of its members was already on the wayAs part of that strategy,Nestora Salgado was illegally and arbitrarily detained on August 2013 on fabricated charges of aggravated kidnapping, which originated in actions she took in accordance with her role and duties as a member of CRAC-PC. She was kept under detention for over two years in a high security prison and her imprisonment was declared illegal by the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. As the result of an intense national and international campaign, she was released on March 2016, after being cleared of all charges due to lack of evidence against her. On July 1st, she was elected to the Mexican senate as a candidate for the Morena party.

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