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Rodrigo Cornejo

Wikipolitica - Jalisco, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
Former independent candidate for the Federal Chamber of Deputies in Mexico, running an almost all-volunteer effort through a network of independent, grassroots candidates. Spokesman for the #YoSoy132 protest movement during 2012 and voice that highlighted the importance of net neutrality and a free press in Mexico. Went on to work in transparency and open government affairs from civil society, while also holding a regular office job. During that time, successfully used the Freedom of Information act to obtain and made public previously censored files that chronicled the Dirty War, a time in the 70’s where the Mexican government routinely kidnapped or killed dissidents.

Joined Wikipolítica in 2014, participating in community organising that led to the successful 2015 campaign that took Pedro Kumamoto to victory in the local House of Representatives, the first one in history. Overrsaw accounting and internal transparency during the campaign.

Elected by the Wikipolítica assembly to transform Wikipolítica from a loose group of volunteers to an NGO. Later moved to Baja California Sur to work for a non-profit which trained activists to do grassroots lobbying for sustainable public transportation and government transparency. Elected as coordinator to lead Wikipolítica’s efforts in the city of La Paz, Baja California Sur.

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